Lions Club of Lara

MD201V2 Victoria Australia

Jen Wilson 

President 2017-18

Well 4 months have passed since I became President, it has been a roller coaster ride and a big learning curve and I’m still learning!

Hopefully the ‘Raise your hands if you agree’ is becoming easier to remember but there is always someone ready to remind me so procedures are eventually met.

I did enjoy my month in Africa where I saw many Lions of the 4-legged variety. They have big teeth and powerful muscles and benefit hugely from hunting in groups although one male lion had made a lone kill of a big water buffalo, he ate his fill and then allowed the rest of his pride to enjoy the rest. When we went past the next day all that was left were the horns! It just shows what a group of Lions can do when they work together. Our 2-legged ones are as effective when everyone puts in.

We have examples of this with our new community market, Judy Russell was the prime instigator and our chairperson and liaised with the Lara RSL to get it up and running for the first Sunday in October. Everything went smoothly on the day and many Lions helped. Hopefully the market will grow bigger and better each month and the proceeds will be shared 50-50 between Lions and the RSL. This will give us funds to use in the community.  

Our main fundraising this year is going to help the Australian Lions Children’s Cancer Foundation fund research with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research into Children’s Cancer Genome Project.

Annual Golf Day:

Half of the proceeds of The Annual Lions Club of Lara Golf day went to this cause and half to the Children’s Charity Network who encourage literacy in our local schools

It was a good day, chairman Herb Picker had a band of merry Lions to help and some Lions Ladies to run the trading Table. It was a successful day, unfortunately Bathurst was on the same day which cut down on participants but over $6,000 was raised to share between the 2 charities.

We are fortunate in Lara and Surrounds to have some very generous sponsors whose contributions helped to make the day go well.


October has been busy, the Women’s and Men’s Health Nights were well organised thanks to Julie Tait and Steve Burgess, their organisational skills and leadership with the help of fellow Lions made both evenings a great success with plenty of positive feedback from the attendees.

Well it has been a busy few months for our members in organising and running these projects.

Wait there is more to come!

The Inaugural Junior Speaking event to be held at Lara Lake Primary School on Thursday 2nd November

The November market is on Sunday 5th November, members will be needed to marshal and run the bookstall and food caravan.

The annual car show is on Sunday 12th November. 

Let’s hope the weather is favourable for both.

Christmas Cakes still to be sold! Phew! 

We will all be ready to kick up our heels at the Golf Club on Monday 11th December, come along bring a partner or friend and enjoy the company of your fellow Lions.

That’s all for now folks

Jen Wilson

Jeff Cahn 

President 2016-17

  • Welcome to the Lions Club of Lara website. This is our 46th year of serving the community of Lara.


    In this respect, this Club is exceptionally proud to be in the forefront of innovation and being pro-active in operations and administration.


    This Lions year, my goals as president include the following points:

    ·         Ensuring the Club reflects current Community values;

    ·         Involving the Club in Zone and District projects;

    ·         Exploring new ways of utilising all forms of media to the Club's advantage;

    ·         Supporting other community groups/organisations through the Lara Network Group;

    ·         Ensuring the continuation and support of children's projects;

    ·         Reviewing the relevance and performance of major projects;

    ·         Ongoing support for Lions Foundations;

    ·         Encouraging family members to join in social functions; and,

    ·         Performing Club self evaluation regarding community projects.


    The Club is always open to members of the public to come along to a Business Meeting and see what we do and how we do it. After attending a few meetings and you are enjoying the way we operate, you will be asked if you wish to become a Lion, which will enable you to 'put something back into the community' and have fun doing so.


    Lions today operate differently from the past. If you wish to join Lions, you will be advised that in Lionism, it is family first, work/education second and SOME of your spare time to Lions. In other words you will be able to fit Lions into your everyday schedules. Please click on Contact Us and have a friendly chat with no obligation.