Lions Club of Lara

MD201V2 Victoria Australia

The Club sponsored the Lions Club of Little River which chartered of the on 11 June 2005.

In May 2007, the LEO Club of Lara was chartered in an effort to provide the youth of Lara some form of youth group activities.

An operational service club within the boundaries of Corio Norlane has been a long time in waiting. 

Successful Lions Clubs have been operating in both Geelong and Lara for over forty years and members of the Lara Club felt it was time to sponsor a new active Club to fill the gap.

New members were sought by holding promotional days at the Corio Village Shopping Centre and after interviews with people who showed an expression of interest, the Branch was formed and registered in 2011.

The new Club commenced operations by setting itself some ambitious goals with projects such as a ‘school’s breakfast club programme’ to those students who miss out, and seeking ongoing sponsorships enabling the provision of computers to children of underprivileged families which will assist with their homework. The Club is seeking Co-partnerships to further enhance delivering services to the local community.

The Shell Club is used as a base for meetings and the Club currently meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month for a business and the 3rd Tuesday of the month for a dinner meeting.

The Corio Norlane Lions Club was chartered on 29 April 2012 and is looking forward to taking its place amongst the other Clubs within its Zone and making a valuable contribution not only to the local community but to the MD201V2 family of Clubs as a proud and innovative Club which offers members progressive Lionism with fun and fulfillment.

The Lions Club of Holderness, Yorkshire, England has also accepted an offer to twin with us in February 2007 and correspondence is flowing rapidly between Clubs

The International Club Twinning Programme is a voluntary and mutual agreement between clubs in different countries. Lions and Leos can participate; however, twinning should occur between like clubs (i.e. Lions with Lions, Leos with Leos).
The purpose of twinning is to give clubs from various cultures an opportunity to learn about one another. Through correspondence, the twinning partners actively illustrate the First Purpose of the Association, To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

Although some clubs hold a special ceremony to commemorate a twinning relationship, Lions Clubs International does not require a formal ceremony to be eligible for twinning recognition